” Very high quantity and unique design, meticulously made,and any future problem, which is highly unlikely, would be corrected. Excellent communication throughout purchasing, designing, and receiving. Well worth the wait time,do not let your impatience for a whip deny you one of these extraordinary unique pieces. Can’t say enough about how happy I am with my purchase,here we go,i also purchased a second one immediately after arrival. Here it is almost completed, as he keeps you updated throughout the build. “

-Jeff Bisel

“I enjoy, upon opening my package.
The craftsmanship is great. Just like a real snake in hand.
The feel is just like a snake. It’s a exciting, detailed piece of art.
Even with a snake’s red tongue added to the detailed.
I’ve yet to crack, I dance with it. And enjoy the adventure yet to come. “

-Raymond Der

” This is a top notch whip. I am lucky to have it. 
Also a great value….. “

-Baird Heffron

“Great little whip! The craftsmanship is exquisite. The maker of this whip is a wonderful correspondent, too. He’s a delight to work with.”

-Mark Ligett

” I received this item with extreme beauty. A work of craftsmanship, the word is not excessive, is a marvel, identical to the presentation.
I had an inscription that was made strictly on the end of the knob color gold (I choose gold or silver)
In addition, this artisan is a man, he followed the path of item end to end.
He also added a grease jar to maintain the whip slightly before each use.
I highly recommend “

-Sylvie Thomas