That’s me on the right delivering a new whip to my friend David

As a child, like so many others, I fell in love with the Indiana Jones films and catwoman in Batman Returns. So when i was 8 years old I bought my first whip from a catalog and learned to crack a whip. It wasn’t until many years later after having gone to art school at the Savannah College of Art and Design and trying to pursue a career as an artist that I stumbled upon my childhood passion and decided, I am going to learn how to make whips. I believe whip making and whip cracking to be a dying art which, thanks to the internet, is now making a strong comeback.

I make my whips with the same techniques that the old masters used to ensure heirloom quality. All my whips are made from the finest leathers and materials. I guarantee my whips will last the rest of your life. If they break I will repair them free of charge.

I like to think of whips as a living thing that is sleeping until it comes to life in the hand of its user. Handle them properly and the magic will flow. Handle them improperly and they will bite you with the whip lash.

How to order

Take a look at my price guide. Additional customizations can be discussed via email on the contact page. It may take as long as 6 months to a year for you to get your whip or whips after ordering. Once you’ve decided to order I will ask for a $100usd deposit via check or PayPal and your name will go on the list. Then when I’m ready to make your whip or whips I will ask for the remaining amount owed. Please stick to the parameters and types of whips I offer. I do not make signal tails, floggers, quirts, crops, or any other dressage whips. If you want a very fancy whip email me to discuss the cost. I will ship internationally for an extra charge. Domestic shipping is free on orders over $300. All whips come with a spare fall, 5 extra crackers and some leather conditioner. Orders over $350 come with a free ouroboros bracelet!