Baby Snake Whips

Baby snake whips are the same as normal snake whips just thinner and can fit more easily in a small pocket. They are small but will crack loudly because they are weighted more. These only come in 8 plait.

Snake Whips

Snake whips have no handle so the whole thing is bendy. They are shot loaded with one kangaroo belly. Snake whips are measured from heel knot to fall hitch and do not include the length of the fall and cracker. These are weighted and balanced for cracking ease but not so much that you loose too much accuracy. You will love the serpentine feel of these. Note the one pictured below is my egg sucking snake design which is an additional charge if you would like to add it.

higher plait counts available upon request

Shot or Naturally Weighted Bullwhips

The ideal whip for use in limited spaces or indoor settings. The shot loaded version is obviously heaver but balanced to crack easily with out compromising accuracy. These have one kangaroo belly.

higher plait counts and lengths available upon request

Target Bullwhips

Also known as the Australian bullwhip, these whips are slightly thinner with a 10-13 inch handle. They are measured from heel knot to fall hitch and do not include the length of the fall and cracker. They are also handle weighted some for balance and cracking ease. They are solid kangaroo with two bellies, two bolsters and a core. The one pictured below has a 16 plait thong and a 32 plait handle. These are my favorite type of whips to crack.

higher plait counts available upon request

American style bullwhip

These have an 8″ handle and are a bit thicker and heavier. They are good for getting loud cracks. The prices are the same as the target bullwhips.

Half-Plait Stockwhips

Half plait stock whips are just like the full plait stock whips but the tohiti handle is not steel lined and isn’t covered completely with braided leather.

higher plait counts available upon request

Full-Plait Stockwhips

Full plait stock whips have a handle that is fully covered with braided leather. They are measure from keeper(end of handle) to fall hitch and do not include the handle(19-22inches) and fall and cracker. These have one kangaroo belly and kangaroo core and sometimes a kangaroo bolster. The handle foundation is Tohiti cane reinforced with spring steel.

higher plait counts available upon request

Cow Whips

Essentially, an economy bullwhip made from alum latigo cowhide. While not as elegant as its kangaroo cousin, this whip is made to last and build for utility. Customers frequently purchase this whip for rural-living when needing to alert animals to or away from the whip cracking.

Turned wooden handle produced by Torrance Fisher.

Economy Stockwhips

Economy stockwhips are made from Latigo cowhide done in 4 plait with half plait handles. These are a great choice for beginners or as a working whip.

Matched Pairs

Extra things

custom made conchos $75

custom etched onyx conchos made by me $35
Custom engraved Russian serpentine conchos $50
Custom engraved copper rings made by me $50
Custom engraved ferrules by Jackson Buckles.
prices vary

Please look over pricing guide carefully before choosing. You may wish to use the tool below as assistance in getting a quote for your order.